My Story


I live in Melbourne Australia. I’m married to Margo with 3 kids.  I have a well paying corporate job.

Life it pretty damn good you would think. Well, think again.

I wake up at 5 am, to catch the train, to make work by 7 am. Work hard all day in a stressful environment. Get home by 6 pm. Have tea, bath kids, get kids ready for bed, say good night to kids. Have a deep breath and watch whatever I can find on TV with a nice bowl of Peter’s Ice-cream. Got to bed and do it all over again.

Weekends? Well you see, I also work Saturday and in between all the work phone calls and checking my emails every 10min, I might read a book to the kids.

Exercise? What’s that?

And the wife? I just don’t have time.

Where is my life heading? I know I can’t keep this up. I needed to make a massive change. I’m going the be that guy, who didn’t spend enough time with his kids growing up, just focusing on his career. I will be divorced and an unhealthy overweight loser. All because of the demands of some job.


That’s when I discovered a book by the name: “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” by Greg McKeown, which was recommended to me by my friend Brad.

Not only did I ready this book, but I made it my duty to study it. To master it.

Its core concept is Less But Better. So I asked myself, “how can I do less but better in my life?”.

  1. Work less but work harder.
  2. Eat less but eat healthier.
  3. Less TV but more mindset study.
  4. More family time but quality time (not half there still thinking about work).

Ok so number 4 is More But Better, but you get the gist. When performing a task put 100% effort into it and spend less time doing it. Only focus on the real essential things in life and stop majoring in minor activities. Activities that are meaningless and don’t add value.


I still wake at 5 am but instead of dawdling in the morning getting ready for work, I spend 30 min exercising then get ready efficiently.

Once at work, I perform the essential tasks only and have cut out all the trivial tasks. This allows me to be home by 4 pm. Even though I work fewer hours, I can still achieve more. This then gives me two quality hour to spend with my family before the mad rush hour at tea time.

Now, once the kids are in bed, instead of wasting my life watching TV, I write cool blogs. It’s a great way to share my experience. If you enjoy reading this blog, please reach out to me.