Work Balance

Work Balance

Finding the right balance between work, family and life can be very challenging. In the past, I have found this too be very difficult and admittedly had the balance wrong.

Why Do You Work?

The first questions to ask yourself is “why do you work?”. Sometimes life gets in the way and we forget to ask this very critical question.

The most obvious answer to this is financial reasons. But that may not be the only one. Maybe you just love your job and it’s your passion. Maybe it’s both. Whatever the reason is, spend some time thinking about it. Because once you know the answer you can decide how much time you need to dedicate to it.

And that’s the key. You need to determine your priorities is life first, then you know how much time to dedicate to each one.

Finding the Balance

So, if you are not married, have no kids and love your job. Sure, this would be fine for your job to take up a large portion of your life.

On the other hand, if you have a family of five, is it wise to spend so much time at work? Sure you might need the money but have a good think. Do you really need the money, or do you just want more luxuries in life? Because those luxuries are a trade of family time.

I’m not trying to say what is right or wrong. Just trying to make it clear that to find the right work/play balance it always comes down to trade-offs. So you need to find the right balance that suits you and your loved ones (whoever that may be).

Don’t Copy Me

For me, when my children were young, I got this balance wrong. Now I sit back to reflect on the mistakes I made in the past. Now I want to educate others and my own children how to make their own decides and hopefully not make the same mistakes I made. This is very real for me now as my eldest son start his career as an Electrician in Swan Hill. When you’re young and enthusiastic, with very few commitments, the work/play balance is less important. But as you get older and start a family, it becomes a very real issue. Hopefully, my son can learn from my mistakes.

Finding time to exercise can also help the balance of your life. So read my article on exercise here.

Finding that balance is never easy, but once you have found it, the rewards in your life will be worth it.