Eat Less but Better

For years, I’ve wanted to improve my eating habits. I’ve always had good intentions but couldn’t find the willpower needed to cut out those bad eating habits. Today I want to share with you some changes I’ve made that have had dramatic improvements in my eating habits.

Be Discipline in the Supermarket not in the Pantry

The packet of Maltesers are sitting right in the middle of the pantry. “No, I must not eat that”, I would say. So, I move them to the top of the pantry. “No, I must not eat that”. But temptation always gave into willpower and before long the Maltesers packet is open. Then half gone. Then gone. Oh well, they taste so nice anyway.

It doesn’t matter how hard I try, once that food is in the pantry, it will be eaten. I mean what is the purpose of food in a pantry if it’s not to be eaten?

And that’s the key, don’t let it make it to the pantry. Be Discipline in the Supermarket.

It’s still not easy. I still want to go down the chocolate aisle and grab that block of Cadbury Milk Chocolate. But it much easier to not buy it, than buy it and not eat it. It sounds so obvious, once you have purchased it, of course, you are going to eat it.

So once in the Supermarket, fire up that willpower and be discipline.

Making this mindset change was huge. So now when I go shopping, I focus on only buying health options.

Buy Real Food

Lot’s of fruit and vegetables. I try and find a nice balanced diet. Remember the food pyramid that was taught in school. That’s how I approach it. Simple balanced diet. Nothing fancy.

I don’t go crazy on all the latest health trends, diet foods or health shakes.

I just love eating real food. Unprocessed, natural food.

I don’t look at the nutrition label. Counting calories or looking at the sugar content. I just buy real food. If your grandma would eat it or bake it, it’s good enough for me.

Feel Better

I now feel more energised and alive than ever before. I hope you like these tips. I will continue writing more on this subject. Keep checking my home page for new posts.